Company Profile

HandyTizer LLC is the North American distributor of the Orbel hand sanitizer applicator. The award winning Orbel was invented and patented by Orbel UK Ltd. and then commercialized by Picketts Health Limited, which acts as the master global distributor for Orbel UK Ltd. In November of 2013, HandyTizer and Picketts Health entered into a distribution agreement for North America, whereby HandyTizer is the exclusive distributor of the Orbel for alcohol based sanitizer and non-exclusive for other solutions that might be dispensed through the applicator. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office allowed the fundamental U.S. patent on the invention to Orbel in October 2013.

Headquartered in St. Helena California, HandyTizer is a California LLC with four executive founders. The founders have over a century of business experience in a wide range of disciplines including shipping, distribution, technology, and consumer goods to name a few. The team also has extensive background finance, law and government relations.

Lawrence Alioto — CEO
Prior to co-founding HandyTizer LLC, Lawrence Alioto was the President of VeriTainer Corporation. In his time at VeriTainer, Alioto was principally responsible for structuring and successfully funding VeriTainer's four equity and convertible debt financings. Additionally, Alioto was directly involved in US government affairs, international business development and the formation of strategic relationships during his time at VeriTainer.

Prior to VeriTainer, Alioto was the Director of Business Development for Fulfillment Chain Inc., a distributor of enterprise-class supply chain execution applications. Alioto is seasoned in the structuring private equity and debt financing, with his previous experience being primarily in the capital markets. Over the span of ten years, Alioto traded currency options and futures as a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and worked as a registered representative in San Francisco. Alioto earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Southern California.

George Lee — President
Mr. Lee is a Co-Founder and CEO of Venture 3D and Storyoscopic Films. As CEO of Venture 3D, he accepted the prestigious Dari Award in 2011 from KOCCA for Korean Business of the Year. In May 2013, Mr Lee was one of 15 prominent businessmen in the United States to meet with Madame President Park to discuss expanding Korean business in the global marketplace. He earned a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Business form The University of Southern California. Mr. Lee's experience in the motion picture business include co-production, financing, foreign distribution and licensing of major Hollywood studio films in Asia. In addition, Mr. Lee was President and Founder of Sports Deal Incorporated, a sports marketing company that focused on developing and licensing major sporting events and branded product driven projects in South Korea and Japan. Mr. Lee was the partner of Upper Deck llc. in Asia, and was the driving force behind one of the biggest success stories in the late Nineties, as Upper Deck dominated the sports and entertainment card licensing market.

Marcus Englefield — Executive Vice President
Mr. Englefield is a Co-Founder of Venture 3D and Storyoscopic Films where he is charged with co-managing the companies' rapid growth. He shares responsibility for leading the expansion of Venture 3D into the fast-growing market of 3D conversion, providing content owners and distributors with unique, high-quality solutions for 3D-to-2D conversion that rely on Venture 3D's proprietary technology. Englefield is the founder of multiple companies in the U.S. including software developer, Appwagon which owns the merchandizing app, WhenUvenue which has been the official merchandise app for the last 2 NFL Superbowls, the US Open Tennis tournament and the America's Cup. Englefield also has ownership in sneaker and life style brand, Undefeated. Englefield attended King's College in London and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art.

John I. Alioto — General Counsel
Mr. Alioto was the Chairman & CEO of Pacific Far East Line in the 1970’s, a major American Flag steamship company.  From 2003 through 2013, Mr. Alioto was the Chairman & CEO of VeriTainer Corp., a high-tech maritime security start-up. From 1984 through the present, Mr. Alioto has been a partner with the law firm of Alioto & Alioto LLP. Mr. Alioto has a Juris Doctor from the University of San Francisco and a BA in English from St. Mary's College.