The Orbel™ by HandyTizer applicator, developed and patented worldwide by Orbel Health Limited (UK), is a breakthrough invention for healthcare. It addresses one of the industry’s most deadly and preventable problems. 

The disposable Orbel™ applicator, filled with hand sanitizer, attaches to the users hip. When needed, the user simply swipes his or her hand across the face of the applicator and hand sanitizer is dispensed into the palm of the hand. This simple action eliminates the time, hassle and thought required to “visit” a dispenser.

The seamlessness, convenience and intuitive nature of the device will be habit forming, significantly increasing hand hygiene rates. It will reduce the deadly spread of bacteria and prevent hundreds of thousands of hospital acquired infections each year.


  • Seamless to operations
    • Creates significantly higher hand hygiene compliance without disruption to user
  • Intuitively positioned
    • Creates significantly higher hand hygiene compliance without requiring additional thought
  • Personal
    • Sinks and communal dispensers are known to be the most contaminated areas in hospitals
  • Appropriate for use by patients as well as practitioners
    • Closing the loop on the spread of bacteria in hospitals
    • Creates natural, healthy hand hygiene awareness between practitioner and patient
  • Inexpensive
  • Scalable
    • The Orbel™ can be deployed immediately and unlike other solutions requires no infrastructure changes and costs
  •  Branding
    • Can be co-branded, associating healthcare facilities and corporate users with cleanliness